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The RSDO is responsible for the management and direction of a dynamic and versatile program directing the definition, competition, and acquisition of multiple Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts. These contracts offer NASA and any other United States Government Agency extremely fast procurement of spacecraft and payload space for future missions. The RSDO staff will guide you through the process of meeting your mission objectives with our contracts.

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5.14.2014 - It has been some time since the RSDO has updated its status. I know that many of you were expecting the RSDO to have issued the Rapid IV procurement by this time. In preparing to do so, we were asked to consider extending the Rapid III ordering period and associated contracts since there would be no substantial differences between Rapid III and IV. This request was also made by a number of our industry partners in their Rapid IV RFI responses. By extending the Rapid III ordering period for an additional five years, we will preclude the expenditure of Government and industry resources needed to conduct the Rapid IV procurement.

We are in the process of requesting a deviation to the NASA FAR 5-year limitation on contracts for the Rapid III IDIQ contracts. Once the deviation is approved by NASA GSFC and HQ, the Rapid III ordering period will be extended from March 2015 to March 2020.To ensure that the five-year extension provides a fair opportunity for all of the commercial spacecraft providers (current and potential Rapid III contract holders), the RSDO plans to implement the following steps once the deviation is approved:


Upon approval of the Rapid III ordering period extension, the RSDO will issue an announcement via NAIS informing industry of NASA GSFC's decision to extend the Rapid III ordering period five additional years to March 30, 2020. The NAIS announcement will identify the RSDO plan for implementing the ordering period extension, as well. The RSDO will also provide responses to the Rapid IV RFI industry comments and questions.


In October 2014, the RSDO will issue an RFP to the existing Rapid III vendors, requesting updated NTE prices and rates for years six through ten. The existing vendors will have thirty (30) days to respond to the RFP. During this step, existing vendors may choose to extend their current catalog design(s) or discontinue their catalog design(s) at the end of the original ordering period (March 30, 2015). Once the RSDO receives the updated prices and rates, the Contracting Officer (CO) will evaluate the updated prices and rates for price reasonableness. The CO will prepare and issue contract modifications to incorporate the updated prices, rates, and new or revised clauses for each Rapid III contract. This step should be completed by January 2015.


In March 2015, the RSDO will conduct On-Ramp 3 by re-issuing the original Rapid III RFP via NAIS to the spacecraft industry. The On-Ramp will permit new vendors to offer new spacecraft designs to be considered for the Rapid III catalog. The On-Ramp will also allow vendors with existing contracts to offer new spacecraft design for consideration. Following vendor selection/award of new contracts and the modification of existing contracts, the Rapid III spacecraft designs catalog will be updated via delivery order 1 for new vendors or RFI for existing vendors. This step should be completed by November 2015.